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A multidisciplinary bibliography website compiled by Sherri L. Barnes on Black American Feminisms.

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A short write up on Black Feminism that lists four open-access sources at the bottom of the page.

This is an article that defines intersectionality and how it's used within black feminism.

Serves as an outlet for the cultivation of scholarship that centers on Black women.

An excerpt from Patricia Hill Collins’ book, Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment, outlining her theory Matrix of Domination.

A paper written and published by MIT’s The Thistle Alternative News Collective on the history of black feminism in the U.S.

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The CRC was established in 1974 set goals to make black feminism and lesbianism a part of the women’s movement because before this group the feminist movement was based solely on the heterosexual white middle class women.

A space of support and camaraderie for hip hop generation feminists of color, queer and straight, in the academy and without, by building a rhetorical community, in which we can discuss our ideas, express our crunk feminist selves, fellowship with…

Written by Patricia Hill Collins, this piece discusses the intricacies of Black Feminism, Black Feminist Thought, and what constitutes both.

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Written by Cherise Charleswell, this is a publication housed by The Hampton Institute and discusses the history and present of Black Feminist Thought.
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