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An oral history of Rhode Island women during World War II.

Seven major figures in twentieth-century suffragist history, including Alice Paul, are represented here with full-length oral histories.

Women in Journalism is an award-winning, nationwide oral history project initiated by the National Women’s Press Club and now under the stewardship of the Washington Press Club Foundation.

During 1998 and 1999, 79 women artists in Iowa were interviewed about their personal and family background, education, development as an artist, artwork, creative process, influences, and more. On this site, you can view artwork, listen to audio…

In 1986, Dr. Jeanette Tuve of Cleveland State University conducted a series of interviews with 29 women of eastern European birth or heritage. Many of these conversations were with women who remembered World War II or the Great Depression. 15 of the…

This collection is composed of recorded interviews (audio cassettes, video and digital) conducted by volunteers with participants in the movement. These interviews, which continue to be conducted, describe participants' efforts to pass the Equal…
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